About Us

The BTPF provides a voice for everyone who has retired from our great railway industry and has been doing so since 1948.  We are the only recognised organisation which protects and maintains the well being of Railway People in retirement.

Over the years we have secured many financial benefits for our retirees and their dependents, as well as improvements in their travel facilities.  We do this through:

  • – Our lobbying of Parliament by our affiliation to the National Pensioners Convention.
  • – Regular liaison with RPMI directly and through our Trustee Director.
  • – A close relationship with the Rail Delivery Group, especially regarding free and privilege travel.

One of our key roles is to promote communications between like minded people and social activities with former colleagues across all our Branches.  Such activities include day trips by rivers, roads and railways, holidays in the UK and abroad, theatre trips, dances, lunches, and talks given by interesting and sometimes well known speakers.

We have over 35 Branches spread throughout the UK & Ireland and membership is enjoyed by over 5,000 people.  We maintain excellent working relationships with all of the key pension providers and by joining us, you will help us to continue our work of providing protection for all retired railway people, and the continued safeguarding of all of our interests.

If you are or have been employed in any part of the British Transport Industry, you are most welcome to join us.  Friends, relatives and neighbours of members are also welcome to come along for the enjoyment.

You may be wondering what all this costs, it starts at just £3 per year, and there are heavily discounted life membership arrangements available.

By joining, you will help us to secure a better future for all of us financially, whilst enjoying an amazing quality of life by being active in an informal and relaxing atmosphere, with humour generally high on the agenda.  As well as meeting people, you will potentially have access to more affordable travel arrangements, even for non safeguarded staff.

If you’d like to join us, simply fill out the Contact Form and we’ll get somebody from your local branch to give you a call.


British Transport Pensioners Federation
Data Protection Policy Statement

The British Transport Pensioners Federation holds only personal details which allows the federation to contact it’s members by post, telephone or electronically. No sensitive or financial information is held. The information is not divulged to any third party.