Frank Read RIP

Frank Read R.I.P.

A Tribute

by Roderick Fowkes

How pleasing it was to see Frank Read enjoying himself earlier this year as a special guest at Meadow lane watching Notts County and receiving a standing ovation from the crowd in recognition of his long-time support.

Frank was a relief stationmaster when we first met fifty-five years ago, his tenure at Trent  station where I was a Telegraph Clerk was relatively short but his wit and authority held him in high esteem. I still have the memo he drafted in late summer of 1965 of my impending marriage in October.

David Winckle was also a relief stationmaster from the Derby contingent at the same time and waxed lyrical in later years regarding Frank’s secretive visit to London, not for a haircut, but for something more substantial.

I had further dealings with Frank during my five years as DMU controller at Nottingham when he was relieving at the station and holding sidings.


Some will have more definitive recollections of Frank Read, I’m certainly glad to have met him.

A true gentleman!