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NPC Budget Briefing

See the National Pensioners’ Convention briefing on the November 2017 budget HERE.
From the NPC – 23rd November 2017

Fuel Poverty

NPC Briefing Paper

Read the National Pensioners’ Convention briefing on fuel poverty HERE.
From the NPC – 23rd November 2017

NPC Press Release

Call for a commission to tackle fuel poverty as figures reveal 11 pensioners died every hour last winter.
Read the press release HERE.
From the NPC – 22nd November 2017

Change of Name Forms

There are two new online forms (XX25 and XX26) on our forms page allowing you to notify us and supply evidence of your or your dependent’s change of name.
See the Rail Delivery Group website here.
From the Rail Delivery Group – 24th October 2017.

Privilege Oyster Application Form

The Privilege Oyster Application form is now an online form. This is only available to Safeguarded Employees and their eligible family members.
See the Rail Delivery Group website here.
From the Rail Delivery Group – 31st August 2017.

Enhanced privilege rate travel

The Rail Delivery Group released information about an extension to the Enhanced “priv” rate rail staff travel concessions.
See the Rail Delivery Group website here.

Cross-Channel Travel Advice

With the current security situation in Belgium and France, the Government has released advice to passengers wishing to travel to and from continental Europe.

Click here for their information.

Transport for London

Registering new Staff Travel Cards to Privilege Oyster Cards
You will need both your Registered Oyster Card and Staff Travel Card (box card) with you, and get help from LUL ticket barrier staff.

A question was raised at the recent Western Association A.G.M. about how to register each year’s staff travel card to one’s Oyster card, since the closure of London Underground ticket offices. It was suggested that we can do this ourselves using a ticket machine.
A trial run after the A.G.M., with the help of the underground staff, showed that the staff must use their own card to access the machine’s registration process with a PIN. None of the staff approached knew of a way for Oyster Card holders to do the registration themselves.
The staff were easily found, forthcoming and helpful – this at Paddington, lawn end.

Changes affecting safeguarded staff only

It is no longer possible to buy privilege rate paper single and return tickets to TfL destinations (London Underground, DLR and most London Overground stations) at London Underground ticket offices.

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