Scottish Council

B.T.P.F. (Scotland)


*** Extraordinary General Meeting ***

An E.G.M. will be held in the Renfield Church Centre (Kirk Lounge), Bath Street, Glasgow on Wednesday 5th October 2022 at 14 00 to discuss and decide on the future of the B.T.P.F. (Scotland).
Please try to attend.


The B.T.P.F.(Scotland) , which has Members throughout Scotland, is a part of the British Transport Pensioners Federation.

Our Delegates try to ensure that the Scottish Perspective is kept to the fore in all matters discussed at B.T.P.F. National Meetings.
The B.T.P.F. (Scotland) is a Group Member of Age Scotland with Members attending Local and National Events affecting Older People in Scotland.

When necessary, the B.T.P.F (Scotland) is in contact with Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government where there is any suggestion of Plans to amend or restrict our Travel Facilities.
New Members are always welcome and anyone interested in joining should contact the Secretary ( At present, there is no Membership Fee. Members are encouraged to support the B.T.P.F. (Scotland) by making Donations.

B.T.P.F (Scotland) CONSTITUTION AND RULES – Download HERE (Word Format)


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