Transport for London Privilege Tickets

Transport for London changes affecting safeguarded staff only

It is no longer possible to buy privilege rate paper single and return tickets to TfL destinations (London Underground, DLR and most London Overground stations) at London Underground ticket offices.

You can either still buy these at National Rail mainline London stations, or you can obtain a
Privilege Rate Oyster Card (using form 1519 for now), if you don’t already have one. Remember fares on Oyster are always cheaper than cash fares.In  addition, check at a major Station Booking Office, where they can also sell you Privilege single or return tickets.Validation of Privilege Rate Oyster Cards
Received from RDG 2nd December 2015.
Updated after BTPF investigation April 2016.

We are now informed that privilege single and return tickets ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE, so the only privilege option is an Oyster card.
For those who hold Oyster Cards; London Underground ticket machines have been updated to allow Oyster Cards to be registered to each year’s privilege “box” card .
Ticket ticket office staff will be available in ticket halls to assist with the machines for a year after ticket office closures.

If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact RDG at:

The Rail Delivery Group.
Rail Staff Travel,
PO Box 72071,
London EC1P 1JD
Tel: 0800 652 1700

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