Western Association

Western Association

Founded in 1948 by retired railway staff living within the territory of the former Great Western Railway
to look after the interests of their colleagues.
Membership is open to all, irrespective of grade, who retire from any part of the rail industry, whether
pre-or post-privatisation.

Membership of the Western Association is at present approximately 700. By joining the Association you

become a member of the British Transport Pensioners’ Federation which, with this Association’s
support, continues to achieve many improvements to Travel Facilities and Pensions.


Contact Secretary John Reeves E mail joro.woodclo@ntlworld.com


Life Membership £25 (age 60+), £30 (age 50-59) and £35 (age under 50).


There are several local groups within the Association which sends delegates to the Association and
organise their own local meetings and activities. Some of these groups raise their own membership fees.
For details of these refer to web site.