Western Association

Western Association


The Western Association has been disbanded in accordance with the resolution detailed in Item 7 of the 2022 Annual General Meeting minutes.
The closing Hon. Secretary, John Reeves, is willing to be contacted for help regarding the new chain of communication with the National Committee.
Contact John at joro.woodclo@ntlworld.com, otherwise telephone 0118 934 1123.

The Hon. Treasurer, David McMurray, has finalised the finances according to the WA Constitution, i.e. distribution of the final balance among remaining operating branches.

Click HERE(PDF format)for a copy of the Western Association Final accounts.

David will need bank details for groups wishing to accept their share of the closing balance, based on their member numbers.
It is important that groups NOT requiring a share should tell David in writing so that the correct shares may be paid to the other groups.
Please send these details via John Reeves on joro.woodclo@ntlworld.com.

The Association was founded in 1948 by retired railway staff living within the territory of the former Great Western Railway to look after the interests of their colleagues. Membership was open to all, irrespective of grade, who retire from any part of the rail industry, whether pre-or post-privatisation.

The local groups now may send delegates to the National Four-Monthly meetings.