Chairman’s Views

Les McDowell

Les McDowell

It has taken some time and quite a few discussions  but I am delighted to welcome you to the new BTPF website.


It was our intention that the BTPF present a new look and easy to use website building on the great website previously developed. I think we have achieved that and with the easy access for all Branches to add and amend their own details I feel you will like what has been done. Please let me know what you think and we can include your comments on the site.


The BTPF has been busy promoting our Federation and along with the new website we have developed a new application form/information brochure that will be available to all Branches when we next meet in London in July. Again, this has been updated and adapted from the previous one but we have kept the BTPF logo which is quite well known.


John Harrison and I are now attending retirement seminars/clinics with Railway Companies and making presentations at various gatherings around the country. We do try and get to Branch meetings to meet you and understand particular challenges and success stories. It is heartening that membership in several areas is growing but equally disappointing that we are losing members elsewhere. This is, frankly, a serious challenge for the future and, linked with the difficulties Branches are experiencing in finding willing volunteers to occupy Branch Officials’ positions, we are concerned that we may find Branches struggling to continue. We will help wherever we can so please keep us informed.


I am hopeful that when we hold the Memorial anniversary service on 22nd May at 14.00 in the National Memorial Arboretum our contractors will have erected the third seat – this one will be between the roadway and the river to the east elevation of the Memorial. Whenever I go to the Memorial people really do stop me and ask about it and express their pleasure at seeing such a wonderful tribute. I am pleased to tell you that we have secured arrangements that will ensure the care and maintenance of the Memorial for several generations to come.


Thank you for taking time to look at our new site – I look forward to reading your comments.


Les McDowell,