RST News 10/12/2020

Staff Travel Restrictions for December 2020 timetable

The Staff Travel Restrictions booklet for the December 2020 timetable is now available in PDF format on our website.

It shows which TOCs have made seat reservations mandatory or where they are strongly recommended and also provides information on how you can make reservations.

Until 2020 Staff Travel Restrictions were updated twice per year, in May and December, to coincide with the major timetable changes. For the foreseeable future Staff Travel Restrictions are likely to be updated more frequently. Please ensure you and your family check for the latest version from our website before using your facilities.

News Updates

Various items of interest on our News page include the latest travel guidance, updates to the use of facilities on Heathrow Express and the availability of priv fares on the Lappa Valley Railway.

TfL Priv Oyster

If you have not been able to get to a London Underground station this year to update the priv discount on your Oyster Card, you will need a new approval from us. Please submit the TfL Privilege Oyster Application XX19 form which you can find here:

FIP Facilities

The latest version of our Travel Tips for Europe guide includes recent FIP changes in Poland and Germany.

We would like to reassure you that the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union (Brexit) will have no impact on the availability of FIP facilities.

Keeping RST informed of your contact details

It has always been a Condition of Issue and Use that you keep Rail Staff Travel informed of your current contact details. This ensures that you and any family members receive your staff travel facilities successfully at each renewal and that we manage your eligibility in accordance with the Scheme Rules.

If we send Rail Staff Travel facilities to an old address and you are unable to retrieve them, we will no longer replace them free of charge, so it is very important that you update us.

We have always had a formal process for you to submit changes to us, but I wanted to remind you of it, as we are no longer able to accept these changes by email. For audit purposes, we need one of the forms below to be completed:

  • If your home address changes, please submit a Change of Address XX15 form.
  • If your phone number or e-mail address changes, please submit a Change of Details XX21 form.

This provides us with sufficient data checking and an audit to enable us to confirm your details and apply the changes to your Rail Staff Travel record. All forms are available at

If you e-mail us with changes to your home addresses, phone number or e-mail address, we will ask you to submit the appropriate form.

Retired Colleagues

If you know of retired colleagues who do not receive these news bulletins by e-mail from Rail Staff Travel, this will be because we do not have an up-to-date e-mail address for them. They can provide this to us by completing a Retired Data Check XX12 form on our website. Please send them this link.

RST Contact Centre Christmas closure

Rail Staff Travel will be closed from 16:30 on Wednesday 23 December until 09:00 on Monday 4 January 2021.

For authorisations to purchase priv rate season tickets with start dates between 28 December and 4 January, you must submit the Employee Residential Travel XX01 form by Monday 21 December

The Rail Staff Travel team would like to wish you a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.