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FIP coupons –This only applies if you are eligible for these

We are trialling a temporary solution to issue FIP coupons. The postal service is experiencing delays in some areas. Once available, applications must be made a minimum of three weeks before your intended outward date of travel.

Whilst we hope we will be able to fulfil all applications, this temporary solution has a limited production capacity. If the number of applications exceeds the capacity, we may have to suspend the service. Please only apply for FIP coupons if you are certain that you will be travelling and bear in mind that there is a risk we will not be able to deliver coupons in time for your trip.

We will update the news page of our website when we are able to accept applications again.

If we post coupons to you, we will no longer accept unused ones back (including images of them cut up), even if they do not arrive in time for your travel date.

Please remember you can use your FIP cards for discounts of between 50 and 75%. More information in our Travel Tips for Europe guide is available at

Staff Travel Card

You should have received your Staff Travel card. If you have not, please confirm to us your address and which cards you have yet to receive. If you do not do this by the end of July, then you will need to pay for any replacements.

Regional Blue Status Pass Eligibility

Click a Region below to view or download a map showing the routes covered by its blue ststus pass

These can also be found on the Rail Delivery Group web page which also has:

  • Rail Staff Travel Guide for holders of the Rail Staff Leisure Card, formerly ‘Rail Staff Travel guide for Non-Safeguarded Staff’.
  • Rail Staff Travel Guide for holders of the RST Online Leisure Card.
  • Rail Staff Travel Guide for holders of the Staff Travel Card, formerly ‘Rail Staff Travel guide for Safeguarded Staff’.
  • Staff Travel Card Map – London Area including London Underground interavailable route.
  • Gold and Silver Status Pass Map – London Area including London Underground interavailable route.
  • Staff Travel Restrictions
  • Staff Travel on Eurostar
  • Staff Travel in Europe:~
    Introduction to FIP facilities for TOC new starters.
    Travel Tips for Europe.
    Map provided by SBB covering their services in Switzerland on which FIP facilities are valid.
    MÁV Parental Consent form (Cross-border Hungary journeys).
    DB-AG Staff Travel Restrictions.
  • Travel Irregularities.

Payment for lost cards and passes

As we currently cannot accept calls, we have changed our processes for paying the replacement fee.
When you submit a Replacements form (XX10) please provide a phone number. We will then e-mail you to confirm we will be calling, and  one of the RST team will take the payment over the phone.

Heritage and Leisure Railways

Heritage and Leisure railways are a big part of Britain’s tourist industry. Although mostly run by volunteers they all have fixed costs and have suffered from the disruption to the tourist industry this year. Many are starting to reopen and will want to welcome as many visitors as possible. Please consider supporting them later in the year.

Your Staff Travel Card gets you a discount on many of these. You can find a list of them in our Where Can I Go guides which you can find here.

If you do intend to visit one of them, please do so in accordance with the travel guidance as outlined above.

Moving house?

If you change your home address, you must let Rail Staff Travel know as well as RPMI. This ensures that you continue to get your facilities delivered to the correct address.

Help all retired employees receive news from Rail Staff Travel

E-mail is the quickest way for us to keep everyone informed of Rail Staff Travel issues. If you have friends also in receipt of Rail Staff Travel facilities who have not received this newsletter, please encourage them to provide their e-mail to Rail Staff Travel.

We are trialling a new tool for sending these emails, so it’s possible some will go into recipient’s junk/spam or promotions folders. If you have friends who have not received it, please ask them to check all folders.

Yours sincerely

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Scheme Compliance Manager

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